About Us

We are a small cattery which breeds
Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs.

We are located in Norway in a
very scenic little town with lots
of beautiful nature around.

We live about 45 minutes north
of Gardermoen Airport and about
1 ½ hour from our capital Oslo.

Our catteryname; (N)Longitude's
came through in late June 2007.

We breed on a small scale to get super quality and lovely temper on our kittens. Our breeding cats are chosen based on good temper, health and pedigree.

We do fancy the 'reds' and there will hopefully be many torties and reds, and we will hopefully have both Siamese and Orientals in these varieties in our cattery.
But we appreciate all the colours that we get

(N)Longitude’s aim to have social and good tempered kittens with
good health and with good type according to standards.
We do like the more modern version of our breed,
but we do not compromise this with other things.

We only have a few litters a year so we can spend much time with each litter
and give them the very best start in life and that is why we don’t have
a large number of cats in our household either, so that there is a calm and
joined group the kittens are raised in.

The kittens grow up as our family members,; as all our cats are.
Kittens are socialized with our other animals and brought up in the
companionship of all our cats - who love kittens.
They are born in our bedroom and get access to more and more space in our house
as they grow up and they are not confided into one space,
but they are “out and about” so they get used to everyday sounds and people.

This gives a very safe kitten that loves attention and that is very social.
They are reared with love and we put so much time and emotions into
our cats and kittens and this give them the very best start in life.
Therefore, we choose their new homes carefully, since they mean so much
to us and are a very big part of our lives and we want all the best for them.

Our cats live in a harmonious group and they are free to go where they
want in our house or if they want to go outside, we have a cat yard.
We do not cage our animals and do not sell to those who practice this.

The cats are first and foremost family members; our breeding comes as
an interesting hobby in addition to this in our household.
I have grown up with all kinds of animals around me, and living without
them is highly unthinkable for me.

Enjoy our site and our beautiful cats and kittens!

Heidi E. Kruse