~ Lady Guinevere ~

Born: April 15th, 2010

S*Sandvretens Yoker x (N)Longitude's Gunshot Glitter

1 OSH f24 girl ~ (N)Longitude's Lady Guinevere

>> Litter pedigree <<

This was a special litter - Glitter had to have a c-section after one of the
kittens got stuck halfway out - tail first.
We went to the vet and they tried really hard to get the kitten loose
without operation. Sadly it was really stuck and she had to be operated.

Guinevere was the first my vet came out with -
alive and fighting as a true tortie!
She had 2 more siblings, but none of them were alive.

Sadly, Guinevere died only 4 days old when suddenly
all of her internal organs shut down.
She made quite an impact the few fighting days we had togehter.

She was such a beauty!

3 days old