Frost's Gallery

Frost is our dear Iceprincess.

She is a domestic cat with that something extra.
She rules our home and we are very proud of her for tolerating
these long legged and talkative cats which has entered her life.

Frost has an optical white coat – she has a very thick coat although
she is a shorthaired cat and the fur is very smooth and silky to the touch.

Frost shares a special bond with us – and our attention is the best one that she can get.
She has been with us everywhere; travelling and other things since she was a baby
and are used to both travels and new people.
That has made her a very forthcoming and strong cat.

When we first heard about a little white girl with 2 coloured eyes
– we almost instantly knew she had to come home with us – and when we went
to visit it was love at first sight for both us and Frost.

And she is one of the most amazing things that have happened to us.

Young Frost


Frost 5 years old


She loves being outside - here autumn tree-climbing..


..and winter

In her cool knitted sweater