Glitter's Gallery

Glitter is our first keeper from our own breeding and
we are very exited and happy that she finally has arrived.

She is a real beauty queen with the best sides from both her parents and
with the very strong and mean look that we like.

She has incredible green slanted eyes and her type is very nice
and complements a very nice head and beautiful face.
She doesn’t have the best pattern, but in all we are very happy with her other very good qualities.

Her temper is wonderful; playful, gentle and happy.
She is a real purring-machine and she loves her toys - especially
her 'bouncy-balls' which she can play with for hours and hours.

Glitter was neutered after she had her first litter.
She had to have a c-section after one kitten got stuck.
It all went very well and she was feeling great after, but since
the vet didn't want to give her enough antibiotics,
she got a closed pyometra after a few weeks and she was in tremendeous pain.
She was neutered that same day - we are off course very sad,
but her health comes first.

To see pictures of her beautiful baby, click on litters.

She lives with us as a very happy neuter,
who loves her mum and all her friends.

We are so proud of her and we love her so much!

Baby Glitter 2 weeks

Almost newborn

My sweetie 8 weeks


Cool look