Kittens in their new homes

(N)Longitude's Jesse James with his friend 'Alva'

(N)Longitude's Red Cloud with his friend Coco Chanel's Tristan

(N)Longitude's Dweezil aka. Hyle lives with an oriental shorthair girl

(N)Longitude's Fountain of Love

(N)Longitude's Fountain of Love and (N)Longitude's Diva Muffin lives together
with one Bengal and two housecats

(N)Longitude's Jewel Box lives in Poland and has 2 new best friends;
Rama Thibodi*PL Golden Boy (OSH b 03)


Rama Thibodi*PL Dan-Zu (PEB n 33)

(N)Longitude's Mercy Mercy Me

(N)Longitude's Mercy Mercy Me lives with (N)Sacred Soul's Miracle

(N)Longitude's Tuesday Heartbreak with his ragdollfriend, Jagang