Sivert's Gallery

Sivert is our sweet-natured Siamese boy.
Everything you may have read about Siamese cats – you will find it in him.

No amount of words can describe this boy, which I love from the bottom of my heart.
His big personality shines through in everything he does - just being Sivert.

Sivert is a large Siamese neuter male – weighing about 6,5 kilos
and he has a very long body, is high on legs and with a very large head,
so his general expression is a very massive Siamese.
He has super and strong lilac points and lovely blue eyes.

Sivert has a true Siamese attitude to life – loving every minute of it.
He really loves his teddybears and all his other toys. He loves to play fetch with them
and knows different commands also.
He is a very intelligent cat – which the Siamese are known to be.

I can not see myself living without a Siamese in my house after meeting
this sweet and funny cat with a huge personality.
Hopefully, there will always be a Sivert in our home.

Thank you, Linn, for this precious boy.

Sivert 2,5 weeks


Almost a year old



Cool look

Sivert got his PR title and a BIS!

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